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here, what they're used working electron volt -- electoral system. the last 18 months of turmoil has been unusual for this country. the enthusiasm for the second round was low, but things went very well after the first round in which about 400,000 votes. many in the civil society put a lot of effort into correcting mistakes so that no one could look at the second round and tapings did not go well. >> the man in charge is the man they call ibk. what does he say about the tasks ahead? >> he has been tough on the north's stance. it will be tough to look at sovereignty. after he's sworn in he walked to open dialogue to establish peace talks in with the north. still has to deal with ethnic rivalries in the north. there have been many grievances with the torrid population -- tuareg population. and he's the last to fight corruption in the government, provide jobs for everybody and generally turn the state of the government back to what it was. >> the unrest in egypt continues with police using tear gas on the ground in cairo this tuesday. it was those who protested his removal from -- morsi
program and is ready to sit down and talk. >> the u.s. has evacuated non- essential personnel from yemen, flying 75 people out by military plane while britain has announced a temporary withdrawal as well as its staff and embassy. they intercepted a message to the deputy leaders based in yemen. >> are arriving in the airport, warning of a possible attack. dueral diplomatic missions to increased communications among leaders according to the new york times. leader andween the the head of the yemen-based offshoot. >> we have taken action because of that. able to discuss specific intelligence, but we are taking it seriously for that reason. u.s. intelligence suspected a major attack could be mounted by the end of ramadan or the anniversary of the attacks on the u.s. embassies in 1998. they have been badly decimated in recent years and remains a serious threat. been a have always different animal. i don't think they have been truly out of the game, but the assessment is that they have always have the capability to strike the u.s. homeland. >> they have been at the forefront of trading in recen
about line? now, line is a very important element of style. line can be used in so very many different ways. it can be obvious. it can be actual. in other words, as in this drawing, watercolor, we can see actual lines. they vary. you have thin lines. you have very thick lines. for example, the figures here have very agitated and excited lines. these are very straight lines. but they create the illusion and suggest volume. they suggest shape and form. line can also be implied, and that takes practice. it takes a considerable amount of work in order to be able to discern the implied lines because they're not actually drawn on the painting. they're not included there, and they're not easily discernible. the implied line, for example here, suggests the arrangement of the buildings in such a way that the artist is indicating depth. so we are addressing implied lines suggest perspective, the system of linear perspective and the way in which all the parallel lines appear to be converging towards a centric point in this work. when we look and continue with implied line, let's look at vermeer's
says that there are over 2000. the police have been granted the use of deadly force to protect themselves in the wake of the attack on government buildings. at least 20 are dead and 120 injured in beirut, in a neighborhood loyal to has block. -- hezbollah. the french tennis star says that her body is no longer up to the rigors of the game. international condemnation continues to fall on the military backed leaders of egypt after the violent storming as president along -- president thecois hollande leads -- government office was attacked are giza and police authorized to use deadly force after attacks on state buildings. in alexandria there was another march on behalf of mohamed morsi. we have more from the egyptian capital from the -- for the very latest. what is happening? >> it is very quiet now where i am this evening. it seems the military and the police are trying to enforce the curfew we have in place. the curfew will be moved back to at 8:00 the curfew is in place now. there are tanks and armored personnel carriers on the streets. they are enforcing the curfew this eveni
♪ >> thank you for watching. i am chris moore. thank you for watching. the u.s. is not interested in spying on people. they will now push ahead with special programs. the u.s. and russia are finding ways to progress, despite many disagreements. between theship white house and the kremlin continues to deteriorate over edward snowden. at least nine people were killed after the government opened fire at a mosque following the suicide bomb attack. >> we start off with barack obama holding a press conference in the last hour dominated the edward snowden affair. the u.s. president increases measures when it comes to tapping into phone records. the banks push ahead with controversial surveillance programs. reassessromised to relations with russia, which is granted asylum to edward snowden. obamatake a listen to mr. on the surveillance. >> given the history of the abuse by governments, it is right to ask questions about surveillance. this program is an important tool in our efforts to disrupt terrorist plots. this does not allow the government to listen to any phone calls without a warran
of attacks. catherine, i imagine you are subject to this curfew. us whether it is being respected or not? catherine, we need to pause while we sort out the sound problem between paris and cairo. go back for the latest on the situation in cairo. let's bring you some more aspects of events in egypt. in the north, 10 people are reported dead. services are being suspended in an attempt to stop pro morsi supporters from joining in the protest. egypt's most high-profile international figure resign. he had been serving as interim vice president. he says he is not prepared to be held responsible for a single drop of blood. he submitted his resignation today. let's bring you reaction from around the world. there has been white bread -- widespread condemnation. condemnation from all corners as the international community spoke out against violent intervention. they have kept up criticism for over a month. they now call the recent bloodshed a massacre of peaceful protests. fear egypt is entering chaos. egypt is moving towards deadlock. >> his prime minister has even said the international community
important for us, how it returned to warmer conditions and has maintained a stable and moderate climate. both of these scientists look to the deep past for clues to the present, enriching our understanding of the one place we know in the universe where life flourishes -- eah's inedlerr of difntnima as, earth, the habitable planet. including humans, is relatively new to this planet. fossils contained in the earth's vast rock record show that the first animals emerged around 600 million years ago -- a mere 15% of earth's 4.5-billion-year history. it's likely that simple, single-celled organisms ruled alone for approximately 3 billion years. the same rocks that document this evolution of life provide information about earth's physical environment, clues to how earth managed to change from an alien world of simple microorganisms to a planet filled with complex life. andy knoll studies the early period of life, the first 85% of the planet's history. knoll: what i really want to understand is, when are there physical events that influence the subsequent course of evolution? when are there evo
, they are defiantly back out on the street. how much they push against us or kill, we will continue until the end. >> there is a heavy military presence across the capital with tanks filling the streets. the army has sealed off to rear square -- tahrir square. the symbolic protests brought down mubarak in 2011. a tough stance on any violation of the law. heard.ave already been they broadcast these images. the death toll across egypt .ontinues to rise >> thanks for joining us. you were at the center of the city with the curfew in place. seems to be pretty much quiet across the city. square, the the gunfire has stopped and continues until early in the evening. there are buildings that have been set on fire. several buildings, large flames engulfed. .hey are going to be strict those that are there probably have special permissions. there are a couple of convoys with military vehicles flying in the sky. >> as you witness the protests earlier on the day, things have generated pretty quickly. >> the largest demonstration , where people lost their lives today. a pretty quick escalation towards fierce cl
the crisis had failed. muslim brotherhood and the ousted president's supporters are camped out. the u.s. insists there is still time for dialogue. in a joint statement with the you, it said the failure to resolve the current crisis will only lead to bloodshed. say they areorters here to stay. diplomatic efforts have failed to resolve the political standoff. supporters of the former president continue their protests. >> how can you carry out a military coup and then want to negotiate with us? you have not respected the fact that the president was voted in by the people. i stood in line for hours and the cariani coup in five minutes and then they said let's negotiate? out a coup in five minutes and then they say, let's negotiate? >> centre john mccain urged the release of political prisoners and called the ousting of mohammed morsi 82. it was a statement that was called unacceptable -- of mohammad morsi a coup. it was a statement that was called unacceptable by the interim government. >> i think that both sides should come to an agreement, but the muslim brotherhood refuses any negotiatio
have been protesting camps. they have been forcing them to clear. the eu and the u.s. are urging the two to compromise saying that this only increases the risk of further bloodshed. one of the features following the ousting is an anti-american sentiment. >> anti-american slogans have been evident in the street here cents mohamed morsi was deposed july 3. the u.s. media agencies have now left in negotiations with the military on the muslim brotherhood have failed. this policy analyst doesn't find it surprising. click the u.s. does not have great credibility with either side right now. the muslim brotherhood accuses the u.s. of betraying democracy and supporting the coup. then the army and the new government accused the u.s. of being supportive of the brotherhood. it does not that the u.s. in a very good position. >> the u.s. administration has refrained from calling morsi's removal by the military a coup. if they did, they would stop the $1.5 billion in military aid the u.s. gives to egypt every year and it gives the u.s. some leverage here, something that is not accepted by every
? economic analyst richard gill will help us examine that question on economics usa. i'm david schoumacher. the american economy-- the sum total of what goes on in shopping malls, car dealers, supermarkets, stock exchanges, 7-elevens, and gas stations all around the country. millions of buy-and-sell decisions everday, trillions of dollars worth every year. and those decisions affect every part of our lives. who decides between a room with a view and a house in the suburbs? in our demand and supply economy, who demands and who supplies? 1945. world war ii was over. millions of ex-gis came home, fell in love, got married, and started families. and there was one thing they all needed. when i got out of the service, i had a wife. we wanted a place to live. it was like looking for a needle in a haystack. eventually we found a place, a converted house where the upstairs was converted into an apartment. in 1947, judge paul widlitz was an ex-gi and a young long island lawyer just starting out. we had the normal problems that you would have when they convert a one-family house to a two-family house
party. tensions that were on display around the courthouse. moore and axis rows were shut. they use water cannons and rubber bullets to push them away, injuring several protesters. inthat is our correspondent turkey. we have more now on why many turkish people have lost faith in this prosecution. >> the investigation began well in this. in an been implicated earlier scandal in turkey. theially thought that investigation would unravel a lots of the cloak and dagger work that has gone on in turkey the. -- in turkey. the prosecutor seem to overplay their hand. clearly innocent people were detained and interrogated. evidence was manufactured. sentences have not restored confidence. the former chief of general staff was a respected general. he was serving in the general which thehe time of times were committed. he has been given a life sentence. another person is a distinguished surgeon who got a 12 year sentence. many turks are not going to believe these sentences. the head of the istanbul association has criticized today's verdict. ions about demonstrates hi them. will there be demonst
will force. thank you for joining us here. >> the army has decided it is theng its time to convince international community. it does not want to act as quickly. i am giving the message that it impatian patients -- ent. actually bringing that would be the last resort. think the army has been taken by surprise because ist they have been doing caused a high level of the instability. the effort across different fronts. you have the sectarian violence that erupted this week. you have thevely, the constantave ones throughout cairo and other major cities that try to block certain roads, and even yesterday blocked the underground. not taken byrmy is surprise but what the brother who it is working on is to try to take care of all of these different fronts. ending? do you see this is violence inevitable? >> hall of the international visits last week, the diplomatic without reaching a reasonable solution. the main thing is how the army and the police will try to orchestrate the ending of those citizens. the protesters won't be able to mobilizeiolence to even more supporters. violence,o avoid t
things down. i used to think that acting was a process-- right. --you know, of getting hold a bit of the character, hammering and nail into, and say, "there, that's that." there's--and that i got to find the other bit and hammer that. right. and finally, i got that whole wonderful picture in the play-- right, yeah. --'cause it's not like that at all. it's a case of taking things away bit by bit. right. but-- and we could spend the next day and a half working on the first page. easy. there are great leaps going on in our minds. and maybe by friday, something would have actually sorted itself out. yes. as long as we know the material well enough to be able to-- sure. sure. - oh, there's no question-- - yeah. --that come the day after tomorrow-- - yeah. --that the whole thing is still gonna be in a totally and fluid state. - right. - yes, yes. right. absolutely. unless--and necessarily so too. and that's--and because it's gonna be fluid and yet have-- that are gonna be performance conditions, it's gonna have some potential for excitement because-- yes. --the possibility of change, an
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14